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Planning our upcoming trip

Planning our upcoming trip - Yolanda McDonald

Now that I got our tickets and there are only a few weeks left until we go in vacation, I thought of looking for a car rental company where I could book a vehicle for us. I have never drove abroad and I imagine it must be an excited experience. It can’t be that different than here. The road I mean. The signs may be in Spanish but they will basically say or show the same as our ones in here.

My husband was not too thrilled about my idea of touring the country. That’s because he was imagining we will go in an all inclusive vacation, as usual. This time I wanted something different. One of my best friend from dallas acting classes had travelled all by herself throughout South America. She had visited all the countries in there. She was on the road, backpacking for almost three months. That must have been an unique experience.

I personally would have not dared to venture myself all alone in the world. I admire her for her courage. I would not mind travelling more with hubby. Though since we passed the backpacking age, we will need some serious accommodation. Not because we are snobbish, or just because we can afford it and we prefer to have this away. There are certain things we are accustomed with and it would be a bit challenging for us to change our ways at our age.

Anyway, I convinced hubby to go tour the country for two weeks. I have started planning our itinerary and booking our hotels.

A few days prior to the departure I will have to ensure that all the reservations went through and we won’t have any unpleasant surprise. I mean, I am aware that not everything can be planned and that there are things that can happen. Expect the unexpected, they say. I would like to be prepared for it.

Thus I made two hotel reservations of each one of the cities where we are supposed to stop for the night. I was careful to select hotels that did not have  a reservation cancellation fee, or that I had to pay in advance the whole amount. For some I paid a small percentage, maybe 10%, while for others it was free of charge.

The only fee that I paid a higher amount was for the car rental. But even that was not charged in full, as I chose to pay for the insurance coverage when I will reach their car rental office in there.


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