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KEEPING Hope Alive

KEEPING Hope Alive - Yolanda McDonald

One of the most important aspects of life is knowing that you are actually living your passion. This was the stage Charles found himself. He can’t contain his Joy after being accepted into the prestigious . For him he was one click away from his dreams and can’t wait for his life as an actor to become a reality. He has envisioned himself on stage and movie set, trilling the audience and also winning various awards in the course of his career, the paparazzi and the never-ending voice of his screening fans. The dream of every young actor. 

For Charles, nothing would have his dream away and was determined to work as hard as was required and beyond to make his mark in the entertainment industry. Everything was going to plan until, his sister was diagnosed of Cancer. His attention is now divided. Though he did not see eye to eye with his sister Emily, the thought of losing his sister to cancer divided his attention from his studies at the acting school. He had to spend more time with his sister Emily. Emily had been a very lovely girl, right from birth and a beauty to behold. He was always cheerful and an epitome of knowledge who had everything going for her until she was diagnosed of breast cancer. She was lucky to have discovered it early as it was still on the first and early stage. She might not have had a cozy relationship with her brother Charles, but all that mattered was that she really loved him, and would not like her ailment to affect his career. She initially tried to hide it from him, until the hospital wanted to speak with a relative and she had no other option than to open up to him.

Discovering that his sister had cancer had a really terrible effect on Charles, this affected his performance and he was lost in thoughts most of the time. Insomnia started kicking in, all he could ever think of was what is going to happen to his sister. He could not bear the thought of losing another person to cancer, since he lost his mom to cancer some years back.

It was a cold Monday morning, Charles woke up with feeling so bad because this was the day he had to meet the doctor in regards to his sister’s condition. He hurriedly dressed up and had a cup of coffee, meet up with Emily who was already waiting for him at the hospital. They both waited at the waiting area until they were called in. Charles felt a huge relieve after the doctor informed him that there is nothing to worry about, as his sister was lucky enough to have discovered the lump early enough. There was no cause of alarm as the cancer is still at an early stage and can be better managed. The doctor commended Emily for being on the look out and reporting to the hospital. She explained that after losing her mom to cancer, she had to be cautious about her health. Charles made it his dream to raise more awareness on cancer through his plays.


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