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A crazy day at work

A crazy day at work - Yolanda McDonald

Just three years ago, one of the craziest incidences that I’ve ever seen in our business occurred. It was something that was so brazen that I found it hard to believe that it was actually happening right before my eyes. You may find this story totally crazy, but it actually happened just as I am telling.

So what truck pulls up at the loading dock, backs into it, we open up the doors and start to load up over $5 million in computers. It takes about three hours for the truck to be completely loaded, secured, and ready to go. In the meantime, the driver, while this is going on, is just chatting with people along the loading dock area waiting for his truck to get ready to go. Again, this was an occurrence that happened every day at our warehouse.

Today was going to be a unique situation however. The truck driver watches the load get finished getting onto the truck, and heads into the bathroom to be able to go in relieve himself before taking off to go deliver the goods. The moment he steps into the bathroom, a guy appears on a nowhere and sits himself into the truck, closes the door, turns on the vehicle, and is looking to drive off with the truck. To be honest with you, most of my coworkers stood around in disbelief that this guy was actually going to try to drive off with this vehicle.

He puts the truck in gear, is ready to start to get away, when he realizes almost instantaneously that he’s going nowhere. He’s rubbing that engine, hoping he’s got a shot to get away with that truck, but that was not going to be his chance this day. So what stopped him from getting away? Our company’s vehicule restraint system did.

Vehicle restraint systems are not only good for ensuring the trucks don’t move so that the safety of employees is increased, but also ensure the trucks don’t move before they’re ready to. This means that if the wrong driver is in the vehicle, and the vehicle restraint systems haven’t been released, that truck is going nowhere.

This these thought he was going to drive away with $5 million worth of goods, but instead thanks to the vehicle restraint systems he was finding himself headed to a jail that afternoon. It truly was crazy, and back I paid the price for it.


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